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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Moose Mountains Group Hike 3/5/16

"Snow Shoe Hike Minus the Snow Shoes" (pictures)

We scheduled our annual snow shoe hike a week later this year in "hopes" of some snow. We got a dusting! So the snow shoe hike would be a bare boot/micro spike hike instead...and that's fine with me! We had a good turn out, there were 7 participants this year.

We met at the parking lot and began our hike. We hiked up Beauty Ledge trail to the ledge where we enjoyed a snack and a crystal clear view. We then hiked down Beauty Knob trail where we got to see a big porcupine climbing a tree. We continued on hiking down North trail to loop around back to Burrows Farm trail where we hiked up to the field. Then it was an easy hike up Phoebes Nable Loop trail to the summit where we were all ready to eat lunch! After we relaxed, ate and took in another great view we headed to Phoebes Nable Mt. trail back down to the parking lot.

Trails were a little icy here-and-there and is very likely to be all clear now as I write this a week later.

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