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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Phoebe's Nable Mt. Loop 1/22/12

"A Snowshoe Search for a New Loop Trail!" (pictures)

Scott and I headed out Sunday morning to Castle in the Clouds to hike Mt. Roberts. We left the house a little late after trying to get all the winter gear together. And by the time we reached Wolfeboro we just weren't in the mood for the drive and what might be a long, cold hike of which we had really no practice this year for. So we decided to pull into Dunkin Donuts to grab a coffee and Maple Sausage bites...mmmm...and head back in the opposite direction for Moose Mountains Reservation. We parked in the unplowed parking lot behind another vehicle. Once geared up Scott motioned we should head up the logging road to search out a new hiking route we had been wanting to find. I eagerly agreed!

We began up this road which leaves from the parking area (left side before passing the gate) at 10:20am. It was a cold 32 degrees but the sun warmed us up quick. At the junction with another logging road we took a left and at the next junction a right onto another logging road. From here the trail climbs 300 feet and levels out. Partial views open up to the South and North and East to the various Moose Mountain peaks. The trail passes another road on the right that descends back down to the other road. Then a skid road enters on the left.

We went left here and made another moderate climb through the snow. While there was only a foot of snow, it was just enough for the snow shoes. We could use a little more snow on the ground, that's for sure! There were various tracks through the snow from rabbits, a fox and mice. After passing through open woods the road swings North and enters some trees. The Phoebes Nable Summit was 100 feet away. This was much easier than I had thought! We took some pics and headed down the other side to take Burrows Farm trail down.

We entered the field and followed the snow mobile trail down and were back on unbroken snow past the North Road junction. The only other sign of people up here today was a track of cross country skies which left the field and ended back where the other vehicle had been parked. This was a great loop hike! We finished about 11:45am. The hike seemed longer than that, but guess our legs need some work! We plan on trimming and blazing this trail in the Spring, it will add a lovely loop option to this mountain and property! 

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