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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Phoebes Nable Mt. Loop 2/10/13

"Breakin' Trail After Nemo" (pictures)

After spending Friday evening into Saturday shoveling to keep up with Winter Storm Nemo, we ended with 32+ inches of snow! With Sunday warm, calm and sunny what better thing to do then snow shoe! Despite being a little worn out and sore from so mouch shoveling Scott and I headed off to MMR. We got to the parking area at 12:30pm. As we got our gear together a Connecticut car, after some issues with parking (lot is not plowed out and the driveway of the log house should not be blocked in any way) parked along side us after I moved to allow room for them. Looks like they were out for a hike as well. We began our hike by ascending Phoebes Nable Mt. trail from the parking area.

The snow was 2-3 feet deep and was light and fluffy. We made the long hike up the steep hills on this side of the mountain, snow drifts were particularly tough to get through. Scott led the way up to the second junction, than I took over to the flat upper section where Scott lead the rest to the summit. Views as we trudged up this trail were wonderful across to Beauty Ledge and along the ridge to Piper Ledge. Glimpses now-and-then below to parts of the woods road where we would see and hear snow mobiles passing through. We reached the summit at 1:30pm. It was a very crisp, clear view today and it was lovely standing there in the sun taking in the view.

We then headed down the other side where we passed the Connecticut couple who was ascending in cross-country skies. Must have been some work out ascending the steep trails of Phoebes Nable Mt! Probably a blast coming down, hope it wasn't too steep on the other side! We introduced ourselves and chatted shortly. We then headed down onto Burrows Farm trail down to the field. Snow mobiles had left their marks across the field, not exactly wise given the hard sumac stumps left behind from being mowed this past fall. Despite the deep snow they were jutting up from where the tracks were and I can only assume that it can't be good to be riding on such rough terrain.

We crossed the field and rounded the back side of Burrows Cemetery avoiding a large group of snow mobilers who were gathered around on their sleds just chilling. We took the un-broken haul road down past the Stevens Cemetery where we connected back onto Burrows Farm trail. It was an easy walk now along the groomed snow mobile trail, being passed by 6 or so snow mobiles. After the North road junction the trail returns to strictly foot traffic and it was an easy walk along what must have been groomer tracks that had come up the road to groom the sled trails. We ended our loop at 2:30pm.

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