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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beauty Ledge 9/27/12

We did a hike up to Beauty Ledge before we headed out the next day for a Katahdin hike. We took the loop trail up Beauty Knob trail. There was one blow down near the ledge junction. The view from the ledge was beautiful as always. Fall foliage is beginning to show around Bowser Pond and the marshes. We descended down Beauty Ledge trail and down to Piper Mt. trail. At the large clearing we found a flowering "rubber" plant. We then cut through the woods along an old/grown in logging road along the river to bring us back out to the parking lot. PICTURES

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Trail Work Day 9/23/12

"Perfect Weather for Some Trail Work" (pictures)

Today we spent 4 hours doing some trail work. We got a new post up and "arrow" sign to guide hikers across the Burrows field from the junction sign to the woods road at the edge of the road where the trail continues. After this was done we went up Phoebes Nable Mt. trail from the parking lot to work on a section on the lower part of the trail where you climb a hill. It gets very wet here in the Spring and we had already laid stepping stones and steps this past Spring when we opened the woods road to hiking. Today we worked on building a stone water bar at the bottom of the hill to direct water off the trail so it doesn't puddle over the tread way. We also dug out a trough for water flow and added a couple stepping stones.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Upcoming Moose Mountains Trips!

Moose Mountains Regional Greenways will be hosting 2 trips coming up at Moose Mountains!

Moose Mountains Regional Greenways Presents Moonlight Walk

On Friday, September 28, naturalist Sally Cornwell will lead families on a Moonlight Walk from 6:30 to 9 pm at the Moose Mountains Reservation in Brookfield.
The cost of the outing is $5/person or $10/family. Participants are asked to pre-register for the walk by calling (603) 978-7125 or emailing

Moose Mountains Regional Greenways & SPNHF Volunteer Land Stewards Hike

On, October 6, SPNHF vlounteer land stewards for Moose Mountains Reservation Jason & Scott will join Moose Mountains Regional Greenways in leading a hike on the Reservations new and improved trails! We will begin at 10:30am. The route is still being planned out but the intended trip will begin on Bowser Pond trail for a quick stop at the shoreline of Bowser Pond with views up to Beauty Ledge. Our hike will then continue up Piper and North trails to Beauty Knob trail to a beautiful ledge top with 180 degree views across Bowser Pond to the surrounding valleys and mountains. We will loop down Beauty Ledge trail back onto North trail and onto Burrows Farm trail bringing us to the history rich Burrows Farm site where 1800's cemetery's sit in an old field and farm site. We will then climb to Phoebes Nable (Hall) Mt. for lunch at about 12:30pm. We will then descend the newly opened South end of Phoebes Mt. trail ending at the parking lot.

The hike is moderate with some short, steep pitches. Total trip time should be about 31/2 hours including a 1/2 hour lunch.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bowser Pond Trail Work 9/14&16/12

"Finally Giving Bowser Some Love" (pictures)

The trail sign for the North end of Bowser Pond trail had been sitting around in my car and office since it was made in the 2011 sign work shop day. We had gotten so involved with the main trails and then the new trails we added on Phoebes Nable and Beauty Ledge that we left it on the back burner. Now we decided it was time to start working on the other trails. Bowser Pond trail starts on New Portsmouth road a few hundred feet from the kiosk/parking area. The trail crosses a rotting bridge and follows a logging road with one short moderate section. It ends at Piper Mt. trail.

Due to it's direct connection to Piper Mt. trail/road which connects to the town class 6 road, it tends to get unwelcome ATV and truck use. There has also been a substancial amount of littering and dumping in this area as well. We began our trail work Friday by building a rock wall/barrier where it junctions with Piper Mt. trail. Scott and I rolled 4 large boulders across the trail and filled it in with smaller rocks. This has been a pretty effective stratagy in other areas so we believe it will deter the wheeled vehicles, most if not all.

Sunday we spent time trimming tree branches for foot travel and blazed and signed the trail. I had spent the week making signs and after such time consuming, tedious work that is sign making, it was nice as always to get them up on the trees! The trail will need more work, particularly to the bridge which isn't the safest thing to cross at the moment. We also need to create a barrier on this side of the trail. Also stepping stones will need to placed in areas were we know mud up in the spring.

MMR Clean-up Day 9/6/12

"Diggin' fer treasure, cleanin' up a skervy trash pile!" (pictures)

This MMR work day was scheduled to clean out an old dump site that was in need of removal. One main reason was it's proximity to the river. Two of the NH Forests & Lands department who called for the clean up worked along side us two land stewards, three of SPNHF staff and 3 volunteers. It was a great day and we all made quick progress of the enormous pile of glass, rusty metal tires and aluminum. Read more about it and more pictures at the SPNHF Land Steward Blog.