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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Moose Mountains Reservation 6/27/11

"Bringing Burrows Cemetery Back from the Dead!" (pictures)

Thimbleberry Flowers and a Bee
After a lousy week of weather and so-so weekend it was a nice change to finally have the sun out and hot weather. There was no humidity and it was just plain beautiful out! I took a drive to Home Depot and got some clippers to bring up to the Moose Mountains Burrows Cemetery. I decided to wait for Scott to get home from work at three because he never gets a chance to work on the property. So when he got home we headed out!

Hawthorn Flowers
We got to the lot at about 3:45. The gate was still closed from my last visit five days prior and all the signs were still in place. We made the hot walk up the road batting at mosquito's and horsefly's. Wildflowers were still plentiful with Whorled Loosestrife, Hawthorn and Daisy Fleabane making an appearance. Also all along the road was Tall Meadow Rue flowering and standing taller than me at nearly 6 1/2 feet! Awesome!

Scott working on Burrows Cemetery
We took a left at the first road junction for a short cut and came up past the Steven's Cemetery. Through the grass covered road and up to the Burrow's Cemetery. We put out gloves on and went to work. Scott began outside the fence with the large clippers. They turned out to work very well and also extend!

Jason working on Burrows Cemetery
I began inside the fence with the small clippers. A lot of weeds had to be pulled and there were more trees to cut than what we thought. After some time of cutting and throwing piles of brush to the side we switched tools and finished up the work. We even cleared out on the right side (outside the cemetery) where I noticed a large, pretty blue hedge was growing.

White Admiral Butterfly
This done and tired out from the heat and bending over, we headed back to get home for a quick dinner than off to work. On the road walk back I spotted a beautiful butterfly and was able to chase it down for a picture :) Looking good up here! Roads are drying up nicely and the field has grown in nicely! I will probably be back Tuesday to do some more work. We will be picking up paint from the Forest Society on Friday and will be blazing some of the trails soon!

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