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Monday, December 31, 2012

Phoebes Nable Loop 12/29/12

"First Snow Shoe Hike of the Season" (pictures)

After a snow on Christmas followed by a Nor' Easter that dropped 13" of powdery snow in our area we were ready for some snow shoin'! We drove down to MMR and shoveled out the snow pushed in front of the parking lot's access road. The snow plow didn't even push the snow up far enough to even allow for cars to park. After shoveling it out we parked and got all our gear on. We trudged up Burrows Farm trail slowly, getting used to the snow shoes and cold but refreshing air.

After unlocking the new North gate for the snow mobile's we continued up to Burrows Field. The wind was strong across the field creating snow drifts. If not for the warm sun the cold, biting wind would have been unbearable! Crossing the field we made our way up to Phoebes Nable trail and made the climb to the summit. The view was great looking across the valley. The wind was strong up here so we didn't stay long.

We descended down the other side for our first snow shoe on this trail. It was great! Views on this side in the winter a wonderful across to Beauty Ledge and the small peaks that make up the Piper Mt. ridge. Some of the steeper sections required some sliding and balancing but the snow shoes pretty much held us firmly in the snow as we reached the parking area to finish our hike. Beautiful day!

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