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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Phoebe's Nable Mt. Loop 2/5/12

"Marking the New Loop Trail" (pictures)

Having had a long week and neither of us wanting to rise early in the morning to head to the White's, we decided to head for Moose Mountains again. We had been there 2 weekends ago in snow shoes to plot out what will be the new Phoebe's Nable Mt. Loop trail. This time around what little snow we had was now just a few inches of crusty snow, no snow shoes required...though micro spikes would have come in handy. Especially on the North side of the mountain!

This time around we decided to do the same loop but this time mark the trail with pink marker tape. Also we had a GPS from the Forest Society so we can start recording the new trails to add to the map down the line. I figured this would be a good practice run to see if I could get a handle of it and to see if it worked. I got waypoints, scenic views, junctions and the summit marked on the GPS along the way. I don't think I got the actual trail route recorded though. So I will need to figure it out some more.

Near the summit of the mountain Scott stopped us as he heard a noise. Sure enough a moose was crashing through the trees nearby, no doubt spooked by our presence. It was a beautiful day. Cold but warm enough when moving to not need our winter jackets or any gloves! The Burrows Farm trail below the field...a snow mobile trail in winter was lacking snow almost completely in spots, not something they like to see I'm sure. The stream along the Burrows Farm road was nice and icy creating some neat formations.

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