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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Marking the Sign Posts for Winter 10/25/11

"Orange Sticks, in Case of Snow" (pictures)

Wendy (Forester SPNHF) had mentioned to us that our sign posts should be marked with some sort of marker just in case the winter snow accumulated enough to cover the signs. The problem being that they are right along snow mobile trails. So we need to make sure they are visible so as not to get damaged by snow mobiles or groomers and of course we don't want anyone hurt hitting one of these posts! So I spray painted some wood poles with Fluorescent orange and affixed some reflectors to them. We screwed these into the sign posts so that they rise about 4 feet above them. Hopefully this works out fine and should show up really good against white snow! Bring on the winter....well, not yet!

We first drove up to the Piper Mt. trail junction sign and got the first pole in. We picked up beer cans up here...a never ending battle unfortunately. Then we drove up and parked on Burrows Farm trail. Along the way up Burrows Farm trail we ran into a hiker. We small talked and he mentioned that him and a lady were taking pics of a porcupine in an apple tree up at the field. Cool! We got the 2nd pole in and headed for the field. We found the porcupine still in the tree just below the old farm site. This is the 3rd porcupine I have seen on this property, or possibly the 2nd sighting of the same one! We took some pics of this cute guy who apparently just wanted to snack on some apples and probably wasn't expecting all this unwanted attention!

We made our way up to the Burrows Field sign post and got our last post up. I got some foliage pictures that I had been wanting from this area and we headed down. Always something up here to keep you coming back for more! Such a beautiful, wild property that has really captured my soul!

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