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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bowser Pond Trail Work 9/14&16/12

"Finally Giving Bowser Some Love" (pictures)

The trail sign for the North end of Bowser Pond trail had been sitting around in my car and office since it was made in the 2011 sign work shop day. We had gotten so involved with the main trails and then the new trails we added on Phoebes Nable and Beauty Ledge that we left it on the back burner. Now we decided it was time to start working on the other trails. Bowser Pond trail starts on New Portsmouth road a few hundred feet from the kiosk/parking area. The trail crosses a rotting bridge and follows a logging road with one short moderate section. It ends at Piper Mt. trail.

Due to it's direct connection to Piper Mt. trail/road which connects to the town class 6 road, it tends to get unwelcome ATV and truck use. There has also been a substancial amount of littering and dumping in this area as well. We began our trail work Friday by building a rock wall/barrier where it junctions with Piper Mt. trail. Scott and I rolled 4 large boulders across the trail and filled it in with smaller rocks. This has been a pretty effective stratagy in other areas so we believe it will deter the wheeled vehicles, most if not all.

Sunday we spent time trimming tree branches for foot travel and blazed and signed the trail. I had spent the week making signs and after such time consuming, tedious work that is sign making, it was nice as always to get them up on the trees! The trail will need more work, particularly to the bridge which isn't the safest thing to cross at the moment. We also need to create a barrier on this side of the trail. Also stepping stones will need to placed in areas were we know mud up in the spring.

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