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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Phoebes Nable Trail Work 7-4-16

"Oh Deer!" (pictures)

Having had a crazy Spring and not getting out to do any hiking up North or even at Moose Mountains we finally had the chance and the gumption to get up to MMR. We grabbed the loppers and sickle and off we went. As always this time of year, the deer flies were swarming like hungry vampires with wings. But a hat with the convertible snap on piece that covers the neck kept them from snacking on us!

We began on the Phoebes Nable Mountain Trail. Branches needed to be cut back and some weeds needed to be cut back as well. But all-in-all the trail is getting used and there was a definable path. The first junction trail signs had been grown in so we moved them onto the trail where they could be seen. We continued up the steep skid roads working our way almost to the summit.

As I was cutting the weeds I stopped briefly and looked up. "Well hello there" I exclaimed. There, stood a doe just looking at me, licking her lips as she was foraging along the hiking trail. She just stood there staring as I got my phone out and began video taping the encounter. She didn't move until I started walking towards her. Yet another wonderful experience at MMR!

We made it to the summit and plopped down for a much needed lunch! A cardinal sang in the tree nearby and the view was clear out to the horizon. Beautiful day with perfect temperatures for trail work! Wood Lilies could be seen just below the summit ledges, a small population of 3 plants that come back each year. You don't see these often so it is exciting that they grow here.

We now continued our work on the Phoebes Nable Loop trail. Just opened a year earlier on the same date. We started at the first junction where I put a couple arrow signs up leading hikers off the old trail that is now closed. We will at some point be getting trail signs up. Not a whole lot had to be done on the rest of the trail. Branches above the head that were reachable needed to be cut. Mostly for a better sight down the trail but also for winter hiking when the snow pack raises the hiking level and also snow weighing branches down.

I re-wrote the trail info. on the plastic sign at the trail head and we headed out to the Burrows Field. Wild flowers are in full bloom in the field and along the woods road. Further down the Burrows Farm trail we ran into a porcupine, a regular sighting here at MMR. He waddled down the road ahead of us before be-lining into the woods and up a tree.

Was a wonderful day at a property we love. Bug season should be winding down soon so get up there and enjoy the trails!

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