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Sunday, October 30, 2011

MMR Burrows Field 10/30/11

"The October Snow Storm!" (pictures)

It was one for the record books! Snow accumulations all over the state of 4, 8, 12, even 24 inches of snow! Sunday after the storm had passed we decided to take a walk at Moose Mountains and check the scene. When we arrived a vehicle/s had driven through the snow bank. We parked in the snow filled lot, about 10 inches of snow had fallen in this area! We then walked up the truck tracks rather thankful not having to trudge through the snow! The bright foliage against the snow was awesome! The weather was nice and the crisp air woke us up quick!

Up the trail Scott spotted a large hornet hive hanging from a tree just off trail past the Hall Spring. Funny how this nest so close to the road was not visible during the summer! We continued across the bridge and up the hill. We got to the road junction where the Burrows property is located on the left. We figured that was who the tire tracks belonged to as they have a hunting camp there. It was past this we wished we had brought our snow shoes. No more tire tracks to follow!

We passed the trail junction sign, the new orange posts we installed a few days earlier showing up awesome against the white snow as hoped. We then made the climb up to the Burrows Field. The wind picked up here a bit as we trudged through the deep snow. Up at the sign post we took pics and took in the contrasting colorful foliage, white snow and blue sky. Beautiful! From here we headed back down taking the Burrows road as a short cut!

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