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Monday, October 8, 2012

Bowser Pond 10/5/12

"A Barred Owl and Foliage" (pictures)

I had arrived at the MMR parking area just to check on things and as I was standing at the kiosk a barred owl flew down and landed on a dead tree just down the Burrows Farm trail. I was able to sneak up to the gate and from 40 ft. away I began taking pictures! The owl had caught something and was tearing it apart and happily eating. He gave me an evil stare once-in-a-while but was too hungry to bother with me.

After about 10 minutes he finished and flew off. Now excited and energized by this "perfect timing" owl photo shoot, I decided to walk the Bowser Pond trail to the pond. Along the way I came across a garter snake in the trail and found a couple nice mushrooms.

The pond was beautiful, the trees showing some really nice color along the banks. A blue heron took flight circling the pond and then over the trees. I took a bunch of pictures and just sat there in the wonderful silence. Such a wonderful spot this is! As I headed back out the garter snake I had passed now had a male with it. They slithered into the brush as I passed.

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