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Monday, January 21, 2013

Burrows Farm Trail and Brook Walk 1/21/13

"A Quick Jaunt and a Wet Droid" (pictures)
Scott and I did a small walk today after he got out of work. It was nice to see the trails heavily used! We walked up Burrows Farm trail and took a right onto North trail. Then another right onto Piper Mt. trail. At the bottom of the hill we took an old logging road we use to cut back to the brook and across back up to the parking lot. The river had some nice ice forms on it and I was excited to take some pictures.

As I stood up from a shot I snagged my cell phone clip and the whole thing with my Droid phone plopped into the brook! Completely emerged in the water for a few seconds I was sure it was a goner! Some how the case I had on it kept most of the water out. The screen has some water marks behind it but otherwise it still works!

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