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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Phoebes Nable Mt. Loop 2/17/16

"Another Winter 2016 Spring-Like Day" (pictures)

In looking at the weather for Wednesday (upper 30's and sunny) and feeling the need to get out in the woods solo, I decided the night before I would go hiking at MMR. Was a late night at work and I got up later than I had wanted, but still had time to get out. The parking lot had been plowed, one swipe up to the kiosk so it is still accessible with a 4x4 or all-wheel drive.

Snow shoes and backpack strapped on I headed up Burrows Farm trail at about 1:15pm. Despite the recent snow we had the rain and warm temps that followed melted the snow pack back down to just a few inches leaving just enough for snow shoes. I stopped at the lower Burrows Falls just after the bridge for a picture. The brooks and streams were all flowing like it was Spring thaw. I climbed back up the bank and paused at the North trail junction to decide on what I wanted to hike.

I continued on Burrows Farm trail and thought I might hike up the Moose Mountains trail to the rocky-ridge pitch pine forest. But by the time I got there I was getting tired and it was too late. So after stopping at the cascade at the trail junction I hiked up to the Burrows Field. Grass was showing through the tiny amount of snow left. The warm sun felt great, interrupted now-and-then by a burst of cold air.

Continuing on to the Phoebes Nable Loop trail I began the gradual ascent of the mountain. This trail is so enjoyable to snow shoe, nice gradual climb and plenty to look at. Pretty trees, large rocks and ledges. A moose had been here recently and was also enjoying the new trail system! Further up a porcupine had been through and had chewed up a couple of his favorite spruce trees leaving them almost baren and twigs scattered all around their trucks.

I made the final push to the summit and sat down on a rock seat and enjoyed the view and solitude for a little while. So beautiful and quite it was, the world below can look so serene and peaceful from a mountain top. After a snack I headed down the Phoebes Nable Mt. trail. Along the way I spotted more moose tracks, another porcupine track and twig mess at another's favorite tree and came across what looked like a galloping fox track. I ended back at the parking lot at 3:15pm.

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