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Thursday, June 23, 2011

All Work No Play 6/22/11

Piper Mt. from Burrows Farm Site
I spent an hour or this warm Wednesday doing some work on the Burrows Farm area. Wanting to keep a presence known I thought it would be good to mow the overgrown Burrows Farm site and Cemetery. I figured too it would just look nice and taken care of, and would lessen the amount of ticks one would get traveling through to the spots! First things first though....the drive. I began my drive up New Portsmouth road past the parking lot (No unauthorized wheeled/motorized vehicles past this point!).

New Portsmouth Rd. EXD
After passing the North View road to the right I began up the hill to notice the two "no wheeled vehicle" signs I had placed on trees a while back were torn off. Grrr! I can't believe someone would tear a State sign down! That's OK, plenty more where that came from! I backed my truck up to one of the trees and climbed onto the roof. This allowed me to get the sign up way above anyone's reach! I couldn't do this with the other tree and just replaced it in the same spot. I'll be back with a ladder!

Dried-up River Crossing
Continuing on I came to my usual parking spot where a springtime river flows across the road. FYI, I only drive up to here when doing work on the property :)Washed out, I was nervous to cross this section with my little Ford Escape! I moved some rocks around and tried to build up where the tires would cross. Then I slowly made my way across with success! The next risky spot would be the left at the next junction where I had to cross a wooden bridge that was also a low clearance for my truck. But again, I charted out the best crossing point and took it slow.

Burrows Farm Site
I arrived at the field and parked. I dragged the lawn mower out and began my work. Not so easy with the uneven ground, very tall and thick grass and a tiny little mower! But the job was accomplished! I left a few patches of nice tall grass just for the heck-of-it. Then it was down to the cemetery where there were more small trees than grass. I mowed over as many as I dared and will have to return with clippers to rid the overgrown cemetery of the rest of them! I also hope to repair two broken stones at some point.

Black Eyed Susan
Sweaty and hot but otherwise tick free (amazingly) that was it for today. I did manage some flower pictures before I left, can't go without that up here in wildflower paradise! I made the long drive back down the rocky road and at the parking lot I put the gate back up. I noticed the "no wheeled vehicle" sign on the Moose Mountains sign post was bent, apparently tried to be torn off like the other two. I placed a few extra nails. The other ones in that area remained untouched. I got news for y'all, things are gonna change on this property and I ain't going know where! Hopefully soon Scott and I can start marking some trails and getting this place more well know to hikers!

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