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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beauty Ledge 2/26/12

"A Cold Weekend for Trail Work" (pictures)

Well, after the little bit of snow we got Friday and the cold temperatures made worse by the windy conditions it looked like February had returned for the weekend. It was too cold for trail building Saturday so while we were out looking for something to do we stopped and bought some new clippers and some wood planks to start stenciling trail signs. Next day was a little nicer so we headed out in hopes it would get nice enough to at least do some clipping. Snow was on the ground so raking and stump/rock removal would not be happening today!

We climbed the trail and picked up where we left off at Snapping Turtle Rock. Our task limited to tree clipping actually game us the time to re-work the projected trail path and make a more meandering and interesting trail. About 3 hours into it just before we reached the steep section of trail that climbs part of the ledge the blade of the loppers Scott was using snapped off. This put a damper on the day! It was such a bummer. We continued with just the little branch clippers I had which could only cut 1" or less.

So we did what we could up to the knob and ledge and stopped to take in the view. Then we called it a day and headed on down. Ah, well. What's the rush, it is still technically winter anyway! And Monday/Tuesday is looking nice so we'll be sure to return if we can squeeze out the cash for new loppers. A shovel broken and now this, ugh! Guess we are too hard on the equipment or just need to be buying stronger tools. I already bought a nice shovel to replace the broken one. So that's the latest on this awesome trail. It's an exciting endeavor and has just opened the door for much more to come at MMR!

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